NCCAFO Meeting Minutes from March 15th, 2012

Run for Orphans

Contact:  Karen Markel, email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • If you have items you can donate for the goodie bags or prizes for runners, please contact Karen.
  • If your organization would like their own registration table at the event, please let Karen know by April.
  • Be creative! It would be fun if the different groups find a way to identify the runners for their team. An example would be the purple bandanas that one team will be using again this year.
  • Remember: Business sponsor forms go to Karen, money goes directly to the organization!
NCCAFO Website and Facebook
  • Please let Kari (email hidden; JavaScript is required), Erin (email hidden; JavaScript is required) or Lisa (email hidden; JavaScript is required) know about upcoming events for your organization. That will ensure they are posted on our NCCAFO website and Facebook page.
Fostering Success at CSU
Contact: Erin Pitts, email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • Erin and her team are working with students at CSU who were formerly foster care students.
  • They are currently doing a variety of things for the students:
    • $10,000 scholarships for 2 students per year
    • Mentoring with faculty and staff
    • Care Packages
    • Christmas Party this year
    • Career events for jobs and interview skills
  • Erin is working on having a director position established at CSU to focus on this program.
  • The student application for CSU now has a box to check that indicates if the student came from foster care. As a result, 250 applicants have been identified as coming from foster care! CSU Fostering Success is in the process of having students in their program call these applicants. Wow!
  • The next big project is to put together care packages for the students. They need to collect all the items by April 16th. The items that they could really use are:
    • Gift cards (large stores like Target, Walmart, King Sooper or gas stations)
    • Sunscreen
    • Water bottles
    • Mac ‘n Cheese
    • Stamps
    • Frisbee
  • The drop off location is with Kathy at the following address:
    • Kathy Lassen, Development Coordinator
    • Student Affairs, Enrollment & Access, Provost Programs
    • 601 S. Howes St.
    • 521 University Services Center
    • Colorado State University
Embraced by Grace
Contact:  Trevor Collins, email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • Embraced by Grace adoption agency began in Florida in 2006. The heart of this agency is to find homes for older kids – the harder cases.
  • Now they have included working with finding homes for children whose adoptions have been disrupted. They are also working on preventing disruptions in the first place!
  • Through research, they found that 60% of the disrupted adoptions are within Christian families. And they have learned that most of these families were not equipped to understand what could happen when they adopt.
  • As a result, they are now using Prepare/Enrich Marriage Counseling with an added adoption component to prepare the families they are working with. This will give the families insights into their expectations. In addition, Embraced by Grace only works with families who feel like God has called them to adopt.
  • The Northern Colorado chapter of Embraced by Grace will be opening soon! They are in the final stages of having all their paper work approved. Stay tuned!!!
Homeless Teens
Contact:  Kari Stewart (email hidden; JavaScript is required)
  • Does your heart break for homeless teens? Would you be like to be a part of a group interested in being proactive in this area? Please forward this information to anyone you think might be interested – and let Kari know!