NCCAFO Meeting Minutes – May 17th, 20120

NCCAFO Meeting Minutes
May 17th, 2012

Please note:  We will not be meeting in June or July.  We will resume meeting on August 16. 
Enjoy your summer!!  🙂
Upcoming Events!
  • Kids for Kyla Legacy Race on September 3, 2012. Run/Walk – 5k/10k at the University of Northern Colorado – Greeley Campus. Please visit for more race details.
  • 2012 Every Child Has a Name Summer Tour:  July 26 – August 2nd. See details at the bottom of the minutes.

Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families (COCAF)
Contacts:  Deborah Cave (email hidden; JavaScript is required) and Colleen Tarket (email hidden; JavaScript is required)
  • Deborah and Colleen gave us a brief introduction to COCAF. It was formed in 1999 by a group of families who desired to increase the amount of information and resources available to Colorado’s pre- and post-adoptive and kinship families. Their services are for all families – those who have adopted from foster care, private agencies, domestically, internationally and kinship.
  • They will join us again in the Fall to discuss in more detail what COCAF offers to our families in Northern Colorado. For more information now, please visit

Sharing Hope
Contact:  Dick DeCook (email hidden; JavaScript is required)
  • Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 25th! On that day, Convoy of Hope ( will partner with the Fort Collins Church Network ( for a day of meeting practical needs for disadvantaged and poor people of Fort Collins – their honored guests.
  • They plan to offer a health care (with medical, dental), job fair, hair cuts, music, lunch, spiritual guidance and more. As these honored guests leave, all will be asked if they would be open for prayer. Those that are will be taken to the large prayer tent. All honored guests will be given a bag of groceries when they leave.
  • 30-40 Spanish translators will be available to help as needed.
  • There is a need for volunteers! They are currently looking for 800-1000 volunteers. If this is something you or your church would be interested in, please visit!
  • The event will be held at 625 Ninth Street – near Lemay and Vine.
  • Please be in prayer for this event. Prayer meetings have already started for it!

Run for Orphans
Contact:  Karen Markel (email hidden; JavaScript is required)
  • Thank you to all the volunteers who made this event such a success!!!! Karen will be sending thank you letters to all the $1000 & $500 sponsors. Please let her know if there are any additional sponsors.
  • This year there were 363 5k runners, approx. 80 kids who ran in the 1 mile fun run, and $22,000 raised for participating ministries!!! It was a great event. Thank you to all the people who provided prizes and items for the goody bags!
  • Karen’s already planning for next year! One change will be with the timers. Next year timing chips will be used for runners so it’s all electronic. Other items the planning team will look into include:
    • Possibly using a common pledge sheet
    • Having numbers for the kids who run in the fun run
    • Making it more prominent in the brochure that walkers are welcome
    • Assigning some of the tables near the front to $1000 sponsors
    • And making sure that all sponsors provide Vector Logos for the t-shirt!!
  • If you have additional suggestions to Karen, please let her know!

Weld County Child Welfare Department of Human Services
Contact:  Brandi Puckett (email hidden; JavaScript is required970.352.1551 ext. 6238)
  • Brandi shared with us some children who she is actively looking for a permanent home for:
    • A sibling group of 4 children:  preschool, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. The younger two are boys and the older two are girls. They all have IEPs and the parents must be involved in their schooling. They need to stay in Colorado
    • The next sibling group includes a 16 yr old boy, 14 yr. old girl, 12 yr. old boy, 1st grader and 4 year old. The older kids are all involved in sports and school. They would like to stay together and in Colorado.
    • She is also looking for a home for an 11 year old girl with an IEP who is ready to be adopted – she wants a family. It can be a single or two parent family. She does not necessarily have to stay in Colorado.
    • The last child she is advocating for is an 10 year old girl with a biological brother in Colorado Springs. She also has an IEP.
  • Please contact Brandi directly if you know of anyone who might be interested in adopting these children. Thank you for praying for them!

Orphan Summit Summary
  • Orphan Summit was incredible this year! There were many resources available. The facilities were perfect – as Ron described, they were classy but not extravagant. There was much enthusiasm once again! Stay tuned for next year’s plan!!
  • If you are interested in recordings from the event, please visit
Safe Families Update
Contact: Kari Stewart (email hidden; JavaScript is required)
  • Safe Families is the Body of Christ sharing Godly Hospitality.
  • Goal launch date is July!   For more specific information about Safe Families, please visit
  • Safe Families will have an office in the Community Life Center in Fort Collins that Matthews House is opening. For more information on the Community Life Center:
  • Bethany Christian Services is helping us launch this initiative with the intention of Matthews House playing a key role in the oversight of SFFC in Northern CO.
  • Kari told us about the extended coaching, medical, housing and more that will be available to families who need it through Safe Families.
  • To become a host family, one home study is required, background check and basic training – approx. 8 hours. It is similar to foster care requirements.
  • Mark your calendars for October 26th! Safe Families will have their official introduction to the community at Brookside Gardens in Berthoud. This will be a fund raising event. Stay tuned for more details!
2012 Every Child Has a Name Summer Tour
Contact: Kate Feeback @ (714) 693-5437
  • This summer ten children (ages 8-11 years old) from Kyrgyzstan will come for a visit to Colorado. They will be sharing their culture as they perform traditional songs and dances at churches in Northern Colorado. They will be here from July 26th – August 2nd.
  • They are in need of host families and a couple churches for performances. If you or your church are interested, please contact Kate to be a part of this exciting program!!
  • If you would like to donate to the program, please go to