April NCCAFO Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Events!!

Run for Orphans
Contact:  Karen Markel, email hidden; JavaScript is required
  • Continue to work on sponsors – please let Karen know about any sponsors at the $250 level or higher because she’ll give them some free runner registrations.
  • We need runners!!! Let everyone know! They can register on-line, but it’s a little more expensive. They can drop registrations off at Timberline.
  • Remember this is a family event with face painting, jump house, massages and more!
  • If you would like to have a separate table at registration for your ministry please let Karen know ASAP.
  • If you would like to have an information table at the event, please let Karen know ASAP!
  • Registration will be in a separate area from where the information tables are located.
  • Please keep an accurate account of how much your ministry raises so we can have an overall total for this year.
  • Don’t forget – kids are great runners and recruits!!!

Safe Families for Children

Contact:  Kari Stewart, email hidden; JavaScript is required

  • The first ever national conference will take place Wednesday, May 2nd prior to the start of Orphan Summit!
  • We continue to work with Bethany Services to launch Safe Families in Northern Colorado in July.
  • Safe Families will have an office in the new building that Poudre School District has given to Matthews House for a Community Life Center. There will be education, family, and recreational events at this Center. And Safe Families will have a desk there staffed by volunteers! For additional information about the Community Life Center see http://www.coloradoan.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/201205040505/NEWS01/205040344
  • Safe Families is currently hoping to get 4-6 churches on board for the launch in July. If your church would like to be a part of this, please contact Kari Stewart!! These churches will commit to recruiting families to become a Safe Family and other families to support them. The church will also need to identify one person to be the Safe Families contact. An informational meeting will be scheduled in June for those interested.
Weld County Adoption Advocates
  • Jackie and Lisa shared with us profiles of two boys they are working to find adoptive families for. Dario is currently 13 years old and in a group home. He is warming up to the idea of adoption. But he has a little sister and he’s more concerned about her adoption at this point. Joseph (Evan) was adopted when he was 3 years old, but that family gave him and his brother back. He’s currently in his 4th placement. He loves farms, animals, working with his hands, church and camping. Cognitively he won’t be going to college, but would be looking into a different vocation that fits him. He would like to maintain a relationship with his brother in Colorado Springs.
  • If you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting either Dario or Joseph, please have them contact Jackie or Lisa.
  • Their goal is to work with the teenagers and find them homes.
Foster Parent Expo
Contact:  Erin Branchflower
  • Timberline hosted an expo on Saturday, April 28th that provided 6 hours of training for foster parents.
  • Stay tuned for future training events!
Colorado Heart Gallery
Contact:  Julie Mavis at adoptcoloradokids.org
  • The Colorado Heart Gallery, started in 2005, consists of professional photos of kids available for adoption in Colorado. This display is set up at venues across the state to raise awareness and help find forever families for these children.
  • At a meeting a year ago, the State discussed wanting to work more with churches. Julie’s husband proposed building a 2nd identical Heart Gallery that would be for churches.  Once Julie started recruiting churches to host this display, within 3 weeks 12 churches had signed up!
  • In addition to the 2 full-size Heart Galleries, there are 5 mini-galleries that are available to churches.
  • Julie has been improving the experience of the kids in this process. Thanks to business donations, she ensures there are snacks available when the kids come for their photos. The kids will also be receiving a copy of their picture in a 5×7 frame. They are currently asking churches to donate 5×7 frames – they do not have to be new – but definitely in good shape!
  • Because it is expensive to transport all these galleries around, Julie is in the process of writing more grants to fund this expense and investigating fund raising opportunities.
  • If you would like to have one of the Heart Galleries at your church, please contact Julie Mavis!!
  • This year’s HeavenFest will have an Orphan Ministry Focus. We will have more details at our next meeting!!!